Review of Traxxas XO-1 – The Art of Speed

Well, it looks like they’ve done it again.

Traxxas has released the X0-1 and it is making sure that they live up to expectations.

With top speeds of over 100mph, the XO-1 is quite easy to miss while it’s out tearing up the pavement.

Hailed as the world’s fastest Ready-To-Race RC car, the X0-1 is sure to be on every RC fan’s list this year. It’s super stylish, it’s brushless, it comes packed with the latest electronics, parts and features and best of all, it’s incredibly FAST!

Going from 0 mph to 60 mph in only 2.3 seconds, this car is sure to be a show stopper.

Without any tweaking or expensive upgrades, this car can easily get up to 100 mph straight out of the box. The X0-1 uses Traxxas’ revolutionary Big Block brushless motor and with its extreme ProGraphx painted body, it is sure to turn heads no matter where you go. It uses an integrated Telemetry System which keeps speed, RPM and voltage all under your control, all the while riding on quality aluminum parts and anodized GTR steel shocks for the smoothest ride possible.

With a simple download from Traxxas’ website, you can pair your smartphone or tablet to the X0-1’s Telemetry system and get real-time data about your car’s performance. This is a great tool if you’re into tweaking and improving your car and the way it handles.


  • Bold ProGraphx Painted Body
  • Castle Mamba Monster Extreme Speed Control
  • Big Block brushless motor
  • TQi 2.4GHz radio system with wireless module
  • Integrated Telemetry System
  • Shock absorbing Cush Drive
  • Shaft-driven All Wheel Drive
  • Machined aluminum C-hubs, steering knuckles, axle carriers and shock towers
  • Anodized GTR shocks
  • Steel splined (SS) dual-CV driveshaft

Technical Specs

  • Overall Length – 27” or 686mm
  • Over Height – 5” or 127.5mm
  • Wheelbase – 15.91” or 404mm
  • Center Ground Clearance – 0.59” or 15mm
  • Gear Pitch – Module 1.0 Overall
  • Drive Ration – 9.36
  • Weight – 8.6 lbs without batteries or 10.3 lbs with batteries
  • Front Shock Length – 3.27” or 83mm
  • Rear Shock Length 3.39” or 86mm

What We Liked

The real question here should be what isn’t there to like?

The X0-1 is exactly what you would expect from Traxxas and with the X0-1, they have truly lived up to their name of being the fastest name in radio control.

We would be fools if we didn’t say how much we loved the spine-tingling speed or breath-taking acceleration that this car is capable of, but it isn’t the only thing that is great about it.

The car itself is a work of art. It perfectly blends reliability and style by using premium quality parts while still giving the car an awesome eye-catching graphic design.

One more thing that we really liked about the X0-1 is its advanced telemetry system. When you’re trying to tune your car for maximum performance, there is nothing better than being able to see real-time data about what’s going on with your car while you drive.

This car is exactly everything that you would expect from The Fastest Name In Radio Control! Read the Rcstate guide on best rc cars to find out more facts about these awesome toys.

What Could Be Improved

How do you improve upon perfection?

The only things that I could ask to be improved would not be fair to the X0-1. I could ask for more speed, more style and more features, but this RC fan thinks it would be a sacrilege to mess with what has already wowed millions of RC fans around the world with its features.

The only actual improvement that we could think of would be for Traxxas to have a free giveaway of the X0-1!  😊

What do you think about the Traxxas X0-1?

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