Very often we want to change us and our life for the better. Another year has passed us by and traditionally it’s that time of year to make New Year’s resolutions.   A resolution is a promise we make to ourselves to make positive changes in our lives.  Whether it be to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, quit smoking…  Sticking to our resolutions can be difficult, but not impossible! 


Some Important Tips When Making New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Try, try again – We’ve ALL made resolutions in the past and broken them.  That doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed this time.  You’re starting over with a clean slate.  Have a positive attitude and try not to let yourself get discouraged.
  2. Don’t make too many resolutions – If you make too many resolutions you’re only setting yourself up for failure.  Start with a realistic attainable goal and time frame.
  3. Write down your goals – Keep a journal and write down both short term and long term goals and keep track of your progress. This will help to keep you motivated.
  4. Visualize for a few minutes everday – Whether your resolution is to lose weight, exercise, or eat heatlhy – For example, if your resolution is to lose 30 lbs., visualize in your mind what you will look like, how loose your clothes will fit, and how people will react when they see you.  Picture in your mind, doing your workouts as you get stronger, more fit and energetic.  Really focus and concentrate on the excitement you will feel as you reach your goals! 

  1. Have a support team – Whether it be family or friends to help motivate and support you.  Or try the “buddy system” where you and a buddy work together to monitor and motivate one another to achieve your goals.
  2. Forgive yourself – If you fall off track, don’t think you’ve failed!  Pick yourself up, pat yourself on the back and keep your eye on that goal!  It’s getting closer everyday!  Don’t Give Up!
  3. Reward yourself – As you reach each short term goal, you should be proud of yourself!  Treat yourself to a day at the spa.  Get a relaxing facial, manicure, or pedicure.  Pick up some skin care products and aromatherapy essential oils and pamper yourself, you deserve it!!

When making New Year’s Resolutions it’s important to decide if you are really truly willing to make this positive change in your life.  Make a list of all the long term benefits you will achieve and how much better you will feel about yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally…not to mention how much it’s going to improve your life!

NOTE: The Bottom Line is…While most of us make New Year’s Resolutions with the intention of bettering ourselves…We should try to be the best we can be, every day of the year!

Live happy, healthy, and with a positive attitude!